Stay Educated with the Help of Your Holmdel NJ Dentist

Dr. Esteban Chan wants all of our patients to get the dental treatment that they deserve, whether they're visiting our office or not. Combined with keeping up with your scheduled cleanings and routine brushing and flossing, we've provided a place for patients to stay in-the-know when it comes to dentistry.


Every month, your Holmdel NJ dentist will update this section of our website with dental knowledge, ranging from topics like tips and tricks to monthly awareness. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to schedule an appointment to visit Holmdel Dentistry, simply call our office at (732) 946-4644.


July 2020

-Dental Cleanings: What You Need to Know


June 2020

-Foods Your Smile Will Love!


April 2019

-Dental Implants: What to Know for 2019


March 2019

-ZOOM Teeth Whitening


September 2018

-Oral Care Tips for Your Toddler


August 2018

-Crazy Toothpaste Formulas That Once Existed


July 2018

-Summer Scuba Diving & Tooth Squeeze


June 2018

-Achieve the Smile You Deserve


May 2018

-Preventing Summer Dental Disasters


April 2018

-Caring for Your Dental Bonding


March 2018

-Foods that Can Brighten Your Smile


February 2018

-Share the Importance of Children's Dental Health Month


January 2018

-Why You Should Avoid Snacks


December 2017

-New Year, New Smile


November 2017

-Protect Your Holiday Season Smile


October 2017

- Avoid a Spooky Smile from Your Halloween Costume


September 2017

- Importance of Caring for Children's Teeth


August 2017

- Common Brushing Mistakes


July 2017

-You Cracked a Tooth...Now What?


June 2017

-Teeth Removal: When This is a Must


May 2017

- Oral Care Routine


April 2017

The Importance of Family Dentistry


March 2017

- Fight the Myths Harming Your Smile